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Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Comrade Adams Oshiomole are names synonymous with veterans of democratic justice. While the opposition rooted its believes in back-door victory, manipulation of the judiciary and sit-tight approach to power, the ideology of ACN as to the triumphant color of justice was un-shaken.

Surely one by one by God, we shall make it happen. The procession of injustice is gradually giving way to submit to the true will of the people. In the face of theft of ballot boxes, use of force and arms, violence, intimidation and extortion of the mandate of our people; the color of justice remains untainted. In the face of continual oppression, looting of treasury, diversion of public fund and financial misappropriation, the resultant will of the Good people of Ekiti, Osun, Edo....and counting will ultimately take the center stage in the Governance.

Being a social crusader and a people-oriented technocrat, Oluomode is committed to gaining the heart of the people through grass-root-based programs, people empowerment and development of basic infrastructure for the people of Ekiti. This vision is very much in line with that of the Party and its leadership.

May I appeal to all lovers of democracy, who by error or ill-chance have found themselves within the camp of the oppressors. Our party is one that reckon with genuine turn-around. Our train of progress is on a continuous move appealing to all stake holders of peaceful democracy to join us in this evolving struggle to overturn corruption and injustice. Our convoy is on a hot-chase canvassing for the supports of well-meaning Nigerians, who for a long time had longed for an era when the light of liberty shall beam on all prisoners of injustice. The era is here and now. We need to continue to emancipate our people from the shackles and containments that have held them up for nearly a decade.

My hearty congratulations to all believers in justice

I believe in Nigeria
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live Action Congress of Nigeria

Oluomo ti de o
Ekiti o baje o

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